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The Rothschild family is one of, if not the most powerful families! The family rose to prominence out of Germany in the 1760s when it’s then patriarch Mayer Amschel Rothschild founded their, first bank.

In the time since then, the Rothschild family has grown to a worldwide conglomerate controlling most of the world banks as well as most major news media organizations in the US, everything from newspapers to TV.

Regardless of whether you have ever heard about the Rothschild family or not you should pay attention to these following eight facts about this enigmatic family.

1. Their Actual amount of wealth is a Mystery



You won’t find any member of the Rothschild family on the Forbes Rich List as their wealth is divided between multi-family members and hidden in banks across the globe. However, estimates put their net worth anywhere between $350 billion and $500 trillion!


2. The Rothschilds knew about Napoleon’s defeat at waterloo before anyone else


The Rothschild family had an extensive and secretive private system of couriers. To the extent that they knew about Napoleon’s defeat at waterloo a full day before the French government did. Which gave Nathan Rothschild plenty of time to buy up the government bond markets, which earned the family a whopping 40% when they then sold the bonds two years later.


3. Walter Rothschild had a carriage driven by a team of zebras



In what one can only assume must have started out as a bet Walter Rothschild had 6 tamed zebras pull one of his carriages to Buckingham palace!


4. Derek de Rothschild crossed the Pacific on a catamaran made out of recycled bottles



Another in the this must have been a bet category, Derek de Rothschild commissioned a six-man catamaran to made almost entirely out of 12,500 plastic bottles. He then proceeded to sail said catamaran 8,000 miles across the Pacific!


5. The Rothschilds once bailed out the US government!



During the depression known as the Panic of 1893, the Us government came dangerously close to running out of gold and therefore defaulting on their loans. In order to avoid this the president of the time Grover Cleveland called upon Nathaniel Mayer Rothschild to loan the US government enough to pay off it’s pressing loans. Together with JP Morgan Nathaniel Mayer Rothschild was able to loan the US government enough to keep it afloat.


6. The Rothschilds determine the price of gold!


The price of gold is set ten times a week, twice every business day. Who is it set by? You guessed it! It’s set by premises of the Rothschild’s by the five members of The London Gold Market Fixing Ltd .


7. The mining conglomerate Rio Tinto was jointly owned by the Rothschilds and the Queen



Rio Tinto was originally founded by the Rothschild family and by Queen Elizabeth the 2nd, (although the queen wasn’t officially a shareholder doing all of her business through a secret bank account).


8. Their French Mansion outshines the mansions of Royalty



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