Dad and 3-year-old listen to Frozen’s “Let It Go,” sing a stunning duet in adorable fashion

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When it comes to success, confidence is key. This dad knows the importance of confidence and works hard to instill it in his daughter.

In this touching video, the dad, Billy, encourages his 3-year-old daughter, Blakely, to really belt it out while singing along with Disney’s “Let it Go” from Frozen. The two are a dynamic duo. As they sing out this catchy tune in the car, it is obvious that Blakely really appreciates the support from her dad.

“Get it, girl, get it!” Billy emphatically exclaims to his daughter as she raises her voice to match the volume of the song. Billy himself really gets into the rhythm, constantly contorting his face into new expressions and inserting his own comments into the lyrics.

Blakey wags her fingers back and forth with the beat. She has clearly been practicing, and the encouragement from her dad only makes her more confident. It is inspiring to see such a young girl with so much charisma!

“Are you ready?” Billy asks Blakely as the main chorus is about to begin. “We gotta do it nice and loud!” Billy knows how important it is for his daughter to feel confident in following her passions.

The reassurance works its magic. Over the course of the song, you can see Blakely feeling more and more empowered to sing aloud and without hesitation.

The whole car is filled with wild dance moves and enthusiastic laughter. Blakely’s smile never leaves her face. This beautiful daddy-daughter moment could not be more perfect.

This story shows us how powerful it is to have support in our lives. When we have someone there to encourage us, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

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