Habits That Will Make You Smarter And Improve Your IQ Long-term

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Many traditional theorists on intelligence think that IQ is fixed because our biology. Be that as it may, modern psychologists have shown, with distributed research, that IQ can be raised and that rises are permanent. This implies our knowledge as it seems to be, is a beginning stage from where we can increase our intellect day by day.
A Clear Mind – Focus

Having not too many thoughts can really help you to focus, but most of us have so much going on in our lives that the proces of thinking and feeling into things can become clouded.

-Have a structured day

-Eat healthy

-Solve all problems possible

-Take rest, walk in nature

Do Something New Each Day

It keeps you from stalling out in a routine: make a slight detour on your home again.

Whatever you choose to do, make it as exciting as possible

Exercise The Mind

Read something every day,learn a new language, things like sudoku, puzzles, board games, and riddles all help the brain to make new connections.

Exercise The Body

Playing sports regularly makes the brain more flexible and improves overall brain health. Doctors agree that better blood circulation to the brain means increased brain function.

Be Social, Be Around Smart and Successful People

Spend most of your time with people that are above your level of intelligence and are successful  in life. People that are 20 years ahead of you, this will inspire you and get you motivated as they will challenge you and bring out the best in you.

 Visualize the Day

The included cerebrum territories will illuminate as you visualize and even your muscles will have the capacity to “recall” what should be done when you’re in the actual situation.

Evaluate the Day

Before you go to bed. Record every one of the things you learned, achieved or are appreciative for every day.

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