Looks like a red storage container from the outside, but step inside and see a stunning home

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If you think homeownership it out of reach, you might want to think again. In 2017, there are no rules so why not make your home a storage container. You might be thinking, “who the heck would want to live in a storage container?” but after you see the inside of this storage container home you’ll be saying, “ME!”

Not only do these homes come at a lower cost, but they are also mobile. If you’re into the nomadic lifestyle or are trying to downsize, this might be the perfect option for you! Singles, couples and even families are joining the tiny home movement.

Though the house doesn’t look like much from the outside, aside from the overhead light and potted plants, it’s absolutely beautiful inside. Let’s take a tour of this fully furnished home!

This home features beautiful tall ceilings, wood paneled floors, and light colored wood panel walls. The floor plan is fairly spacious and accommodates a kitchen that you can cook up some delicious meals in.

This home includes a full bedroom, cozy living room, and kitchen.

The kitchen is large enough to fit a full-sized refrigerator, full-sized oven, sink, counter space, and lots of cabinets. The pretty sky-blue colored cabinets brighten up this part of the house.

Everything in this house is designed and placed intentionally to increase space, from the bright carpets that offer a pop of color to break up neutrality of the floors and storage to prevent clutter.

The living room includes a window, cozy couch for two and a spot for a TV. The overhead lighting brightens up the entire home.

It’s not huge, but the bedroom is big enough to comfortably sleep two. The home utilizes mirrors and hanging lighting for a more spacious feel. Instead of a bedside table, there are tiny shelves on the walls of the bedroom that can fit your remote controls, phone, book, or other things you typically toss on a nightstand.

A sliding barn door hides a bathroom with a toilet, shower, washer, and dryer.

Are you in love with this house? It’s for sale! It’s currently listed on eBay for $.99 with a list price of $50,000 so start bidding now or make an offer here.

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