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Many individuals trust that things “simply happen” to them, yet as we associate all the more nearly to our instinct we are demonstrated that everything that transpires is of our own creation.

In general, warning signs from the universe occur in the form of unwanted circumstances and events.

These signs are an indication that your energy is headed towards (or currently stuck in) a low vibrational frequency.  Your thoughts, feelings and actions are focused negatively, and this is creating unwanted circumstances.

As you move through your day, it’s a good idea to take note of the warning signs from the universe.  Here are a few examples of signs to be mindful of:

Warning Signs From The Universe:

-Receiving dirty looks or snide remarks from others

-Getting injured

-Unexpected expenses or bills in the mail

-Uneasy gut feelings

-Arguments with your loved ones

-Getting sick


-Losing or breaking your possessions

-Unpleasant odors, sounds or tastes

-Stubbing your toe

-Getting stuck in traffic

Each of these signs means that you have to focus yourself and modify your recurrence. When you experience one of these notice signs, please stop!

Instead, take a deep breath, step away from the situation, or even take a minute to meditate if you are able to. If you catch these warning signs quickly and respond immediately, the simple act of centering yourself will stop the negative momentum.

As a final note, please try not to obsess over a warning sign.  Talking about it, thinking about it and replaying it your mind is a surefire way to lower your vibrational frequency.  Take it for what it is, a simple “stop sign,” and move on from it.  Please take care of your vibration; only give attention to the thoughts, feelings and actions that resonate with your soul’s natural frequency.

Thanks for reading.

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