4 minutes in 28 days for a New Body

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Accept the challenge along with thousands of people to bring your body into great shape.

“Endurance” is one of the most effective exercises for strengthening the middle part of the body. Beginners usually think this exercise is very simple, so they often avoid it. Such exercises are melting the fat and are strengthening the muscles of the back, abdomen, buttocks, arms and legs.

If you wish to have a supermodel body, follow these morning rules. Instructions:

“Plank” is actually an endurance exercise for the upper position of the push-ups. Muscles work in the same way like the push-ups. The muscles neither expand or withdrawn, but are strengthen in depth and becoming more resilient.

“Plank-challenge” is designed, so that in four weeks you are gradually increasing the time of the exercise endurance. It starts with 20 seconds and the final goal is to achieve an uninterrupted four-minute “plank”. In the final phase, your body will be ready for greater challenges and the muscle mass will be more emphasized.

During the exercise the most important thing is a proper body position. When you lift your elbows you will rely on your toes. The most critical thing is your upper body to be in flat line.

With deep breathing and muscle control, you should make sure that your middle part doesn’t fall. Distribute the weight across the elbows and legs, so you can tense the buttocks muscles. When you master the right position, all you need to do is “win” the 28 days challenge.

Day 1 and 2 – 20 seconds

Day 3 and 4 – 30 seconds

Day 5 – 40 seconds

Day 6 – rest

Day 7 and 8 – 45 seconds

Day 9, 10 and 11 – 60 seconds

Day 12 – 90 seconds

Day 13 – rest

Day 14 and 15 – 90 seconds

Day 16 and 17 – 120 seconds

Day 18 – 150 seconds

Day 19 – rest

Day 20 and 21 – 150 seconds

Day 22 and 23 – 180 seconds

Day 24 – 210 seconds

Day 25 – rest

Day 26 – 210 seconds

Day 27 – 240 seconds

Day 28 – hold on as much as you can.

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