Simple tips for losing weight and fat

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In these days weight or fat loss is a very common topic everywhere. Everyone wants to become fit and healthy.

But as nowadays life is so fast, So people don’t get that much time for the gym or other exercise routines.There are very easy ways to gain fat or weight, but the same time it’s hard to loss.

Make your diet plan:

The first thing you have to make a diet plan and need to follow it strictly. Set menu for your breakfast, lunch, dinner like how much calories you need every day. Remember that you have to burn these calories for losing fat. So only eat as much as you need to for the day like if your work in not physical hard then you don’t need any high calories food.

Drink a lot of water:

Drink water as much as you can. You will not feel hungry and will eat less. Drink water before eating as it is good to avoiding the other drinking stuff like tea, coffee or cold drinks, etc. It will help you to burn calories, and you will be safe from the fat.

Long sleep:

Sleep long and well. When you don’t sleep well enough, it will make you more hungry than normal. So, as a result, you will eat more and fat will increase.

Walk as much as you can:

Try to avoid vehicle or other transport services. Use your legs when you are going somewhere near or for shopping etc. Inside office use stairs instead of lifts. Take 15-20 min walk after the lunch. Try to play any sports game you like per day.

Avoid snacks:

Try to avoid any snacks, cold drinks, etc. When you eat this thing, you don’t count how much you have eaten on a day. It will increase the calories in your body. Instead of snacks, you can take fruits as snacks.

Eat more protein:

Eat large protein contains food. Protein makes muscles in your body. When your muscles increased, more calories will burn. Fruits give us high protein so you can eat that.

Write your daily routine in diary:

Start a diary of your daily routine. It helps you see how you are following your daily plan. Also, it reminds you of what to do next. People who use a diary as their daily planner are more successful.

Fasting once in a week:

Fasting once in a week gives you tremendous health benefits. During the fast, your body will eliminate toxins and burn fat. Those who do intermittent one-day water fasts can benefit more by integrating yoga into their life.

Don’t eat junk food:

Try to avoid junk food such as chocolate, biscuits, crisps and sweet fizzy drinks, etc. Instead of this, you can eat healthy snacks like fruit, unsalted rice cakes, fruit juice, etc. Eat homemade food all the time, which have fewer calories than the other food.


When you are trying to lose weight or fat, you have to be patience because it’s a long-term process. A human body is gains fat very fast, but the process of losing weight is very slow. So believe in your efforts and be positive all the time.

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