Press The Forefinger For 60 Seconds: The Whole World Is Amazed By The Effect This Trick Has For The Organs!

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Our body is all interconnected. If there is a pain in your feet, even your brain will know. Have you ever read how if you apply some oils on your navel, it gives relief to other problems of your body and even makes your face glow? Well, similarly, your hand is connected to your organs and pain could be alleviated in those places if you know which part of the hand is associated with which organ. This is why acupuncture is also very famous. Know on your own, what you could do to get rid of the pain.


Many people have swore that reflexology works better than even the medicines. It helps in relief even quicker. Reflexology works by using the connections of our organs to pressure points in our hands. Here are some points shown on the image.

The Thumb




By rubbing and pulling the thumb, you can slowdown your heartbeat and breathe easier, if you are having problems. This is because the nerves in the thumb are connected to heart and lungs.






The forefinger



If you are constipated or have pain in the abdomen, press the forefinger and rub it for 60 seconds as the stomach and colon are connected to forefinger. This could help you treat constipation.





The middle finger





The respiratory system, blood system, heart, and small intestine are connected to the middle finger so if you experience dizziness, nausea, or insomnia, try stretching your middle finger and rub it.






The Ring Finger



Massaging this finger can alleviate depression, bringing a peaceful and relaxed feeling, thus if you ever have mood swings or feel blue, try rubbing your ring finger.





The Pinky



The kidneys, neck, and head are connected to the pinky. Massaging this finger will relieve headaches and neck pain, while keeping your kidneys healthy.





The Palms



Clapping your hands increases blood circulation and this benefits the nervous system.









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