6 Things That You Must Not Miss When You Go To Paris

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If you are one of those people who have no problem to stand up and cry out loudly J’adore Paris! then we believe that this small guide to the City of Light will be beneficial.

Drink tea and treat yourself with macaroons at Laduree

First thing to do is to go to Laduree, Treat yourself with these luxurious cookies and do not forget to buy a case with these luxurios cookies to bring some home.

Enjoy the beauty of the hotel

Hotel Chavanel is a great place to stay in Paris. Located near La Madeleine and Rue Saint Honore. The rooms are decorated with fresh, modern design of cashmere blankets and bath products from Nuxe. The location of the hotel is important for the easiest way to go to all the sights you want to visit, but trust us that you will not want to leave the room. 

Dinner and cocktail at Buddha

When you navigate the stairs to enter the Buddha, because you have already reserved a place for dinner, you feel like you’re in another world. Probably not expect to eat sushi in Paris, but do not try their popular “Rainbow New Style”. After dinner try the cocktail “So Be @ Miami” and enjoy the legendary chill house music, which is a selection of the DJ. This is the place to dance and enjoy.

Start the next day with “Café au Lait”

With coffee in hand, walk down the river Seine. Riverbank is wonderful with night lights, but believe there is a special charm during the day. Hop on a tour along the river that will lead you to the Eiffel Tower.

End the afternoon with shopping  in Rue Saint Honore

Rue Saint Honore is the best street in town for shopping. Here you will find shops of Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and many others. Even if you can not afford the pieces of these designers, it’s nice to see. Some of these stores are actually nicer than the clothes they sell!

Dinner in Les Ombres, and enjoy a night that you will not forget

Make sure to book a table on the terrace in one of the places that have the most beautiful view in the world. The Eiffel Tower is just a little bit away, so you have the opportunity to sit at the forefront and have uninterrupted views of those wonderful night lights. If you start with dinner around 20:30 pm, then with a glass of wine in your hand you can see the amazing view at 21.00 when the lights of the Eiffel Tower start to include.!

And for the end, be sure to take pictures as much as you can. Still photos are among the most beautiful and picturesque souvenirs that you can bring them out from every trip.

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