Jaco beach

Top sunny destinations for winter holiday – Costa Rica

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Sun makes us happy, so in cold winter nights and days we always wish to hit the road and go on some warmer place to relax. Taking this into consideration we made a list of the most interesting and exclusive places to go on your winter holiday.

Today we will start with Costa Rica and places you must see there :

1.Manuel Antonio National Park :

This cute national park has hiking trails , beaches,coves,lush green rainforest.

2. Arrenal volcano

You can’t miss this very big volcano over 5000 feet high it gives very strong impression.

3.  Tabacon hot springs

Spending they day in Tabacon hot springs is great idea where you can enjoy the wild nature and have lunch and sleep. Just make sure you book reservation before you go.

hot springs in Tabacon Costa Rica

4.Puerto Viejo de Talamanca

You can spend the day in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca , leaning and tanning on the sand beaches, listening and dancing on reggae music. The village has a lot of beautiful gardens and farms where you can stroll and enjoy.

Puerto Viejo de Talamanca

5. Jaco

Jaco is a popular beach in Costa Rica, exclusive place home of shops,restaurants and hotels galore

Jaco beach

6.  Monteverde Cloud Forest

Visit this place for breathtaking views and pictoresque wood village by the sea. Here you can be on place where Continental divide with one side into Caribbean and other side into Pacific.

Monteverde forest in Costa Rica


We hope you will choose Costa Rica as your next destination and send us some comments or photos how did you spend your time there. We would always like to hear about your traveling experience into the unseen places or even adventures and good times.

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