SpaceX Shoots For The Moon In 2018

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Share this: Elon Musk is wasting no time. In 2018, his spaceflight agency SpaceX plans to fly people around the moon through the Falcon Heavy rocket and on board the Dragon V2 crew capsule. The news came from Musk himself, who last Feb. 27 announced that SpaceX had been approached to fly two private citizens […]


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Share this: A question asked by our species for generations, dating back to ancient times is that does life exist elsewhere in the universe? This question is perspective though-do we believe that humans are unique when there are hundreds of billions of galaxies which contain trillions of stars and solar systems within the known universe? […]

NASA reported that it communicates with four races of outsiders

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Share this: NASA’s representative Trish Chamberson straightforwardly conceded the presence of extraterrestrial human advancements and, also, noticed that the National Agency is right now in contact with the four races of outsiders. Her words were distributed in the version «Waterford Whispers News» Chamberson said: The alleged “gray” went to our planet a huge number of […]