Believe it or not, Japan airport introduces special toilet papers to clean smartphones

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NTT Docomo, the company behind the initiative also launched a video to promote the special toilet papers and a guide how to use Japan’s hi-fi toilets!
(Source: Docomo official/ Youtube)

Do you know that studies have shown that smartphone screens contain more germs than toilet seats? Well, it’s true. So, to get rid of all the nasty germs, Japan has come up with a bizarrely interesting idea that promotes hygiene. In the country’s Narita international airport, they have installed special toilet paper for your smartphones!

Japanese telecom company NTT Docomo has installed these innovative smartphone wipes in 86 cubicles of the seven washrooms at the airport. The quirky wipes will be available at the toilets until March 15, 2017.

Dispensers for rolls of smartphone toilet papers have been installed in bathroom stalls adjacent to the usual dispenser, to clean not just your hands after the job is done, but also your gadget, that we often take it to a toilet.

A report by Mainichi said, “According to a survey conducted in 2015 by major Japanese toilet manufacturer Toto Ltd., many foreign visitors praised the cleanliness of public restrooms in Japan,” adding that a Japan Tourism Agency survey has shown that visitors often faced trouble with Wi-Fi services, or lack thereof, when traveling in Japan.

Keeping in mind about such problems, and to offer more fulfilling lavatory experiences, Docomo also printed useful information on the smartphone cleaning sheets which has “Welcome to Japan” printed on it. “The paper can be used not only to clean smartphone screens, but have information printed on it in English about Docomo Wi-Fi services and travel information,” the report added.

To make it even more quirky and interesting, the company also launched an official video guiding tourists how to use toilets in Japan along with information promoting about the smartphone cleaning papers.

Source: The Indian Express Online



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