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Can social media really tell how happy your relationship is? Today, for some people their social media status can have a greater value, than what is actually going on in the real world. We evaluate other people lives, based on their Facebook pictures and what they are saying about themselves and most often, we are mistaken.

There are a lot of reasons why happy couples are rarely sharing their private life on social media, so today we are presenting a couple of them:

When people are happy, they live for the moment

When everything is going the way it is suppose to in people’s lives, they don’t feel the need to waste their time in writing posts or posting pictures, so they can prove that to everyone how happy they are. It’s not that they’re not doing it occasionally, but they are happy the way they are, so they don’t find it necessary showing it to everyone.

Every couple that’s telling their problems online, isn’t getting nothing in return

Disposing your personal issues on social network is the worst method for solving your problems. Not only that is not helping, but it’s also making things worse.

True happiness is when someone is in a fulfilling relationship with the person they love

You won’t get anything if you post evidence of how happy you are. Happiness is in spending time together, not tagging together. People who understand this, do not concern themselves in parading throughout the social media.

You don’t have nothing to prove

People who are genially happy with their partner, don’t want to use them in showing how happy they are. They are together because they love each other, not because their Facebook status.

And most importantly…

Researches have shown that people who don’t use social media as often are happier than the rest.  They are not competing on the social media with their friends and colleagues, about who “is happier”.


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